Monday, November 28, 2011


What are we about?

We're about better and more fair educational opportunities
We're about amending the US Constitution to overturn Citizens United vs the FEC
We're about better distribution of wealth
We're about making elections about voters' voices not big money donors and their deep pockets
We're about limiting the influence of special interests to restore confidence in our democracy
We're about limiting contributions to political campaigns

We know that government is not the enemy.
We reject the major political parties but we also know that while we may not like the way things are going, there is a strong possibility that things will get worse by those candidates who desire to unseat this Administration.

Anger does not move countries but it moves movements. In turn, movements can move countries.

Are you with us?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Electoral system is distorted by money

Our democratic system which includes the electoral system is being distored by money interests and the problem is not that people are wealthy - rather, the fact that playing field has been tilted to favor the wealthy is the problem.

OWS focused the public's attention on this issue albeit indirectly. I am part of that progressive movement.

Perhaps we should now focus on doing something specific about the income inequality problem.

As an independent voter, I am frustrated and angry with both major political parties who bow to special interests and to wall street.  How about you? 

What will we do now?